How to Apply Jolie Gold Size and Metal Leaf to Accessories

Jolie Gold Size and Jolie Metal Leaf add metallic accents to your furniture, walls, ceilings, and accessories.

Jolie Gold Size is a water-based adhesive.

Jolie Metal Leaf is made in Italy and is available in three colours: Gold, Silver, and Copper and super easy to use.

Follow along with Jolie Home to learn how to use Jolie Gold Size and Jolie Metal Leaf. Applying Metal Leaf is an authentic way of adding metallic accents to furniture, walls, ceilings, and accessories.

Materials Needed:

  • Jolie Gold Size 
  • Jolie Metal Leaf
  • Jolie Artist Brushes
  • Jolie Flat Brush or separate soft-bristled brush
  • Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear – Baby powder
  • Absorbent, lint-free cloths

All materials are available via our online shop

STEP ONE Start by applying a thin, even layer of Gold Size with a Jolie Artist Brush. Make sure to reach any details or carved areas of your piece and avoid leaving any puddles or drips. If you are gilding a porous surface, wait 15 minutes and apply a second coat of Gold Size. Wash your brush as soon as possible with warm, soapy water to avoid damaging the bristles. Wait about 10-20 minutes for the Gold Size to come to tack. The Gold Size will appear milky when first applied and will become clear and sticky when it is ready to accept the Metal Leaf.

PRO TIP: Rub some baby powder on your hands before handling the Metal Leaf so that it doesn’t stick to your hands.

PRO TIP: To make the Metal Leaf easier to manage for smaller areas, you can cut the sheets into smaller strips before use.

STEP TWO Gently apply Jolie Metal Leaf over the tacky size. Using a dry, soft brush, push the leaf onto the surface. Continue with the next sheet of Metal Leaf, overlapping it slightly with the first sheet so that there are no gaps. Continue the process until all of the areas where you applied Gold Size have been covered with Metal Leaf.

STEP THREE Remove any loose, excess leaf by gently pushing it away with a soft brush. Be careful not to scratch the Metal Leaf with the bristles of your brush. You can follow up with a cheesecloth or a soft cloth to help remove any last little pieces.

STEP FOUR Apply Clear Finishing Wax with a lint-free cloth to seal and protect the Metal Leaf. Wipe back any excess with a clean cloth.

OPTIONAL: Apply colored Jolie Finishing Waxes to knock back the brightness.

PRO TIP: If you are using a waterbased topcoat instead of Finishing Wax, apply a coat of shellac before your topcoat.